The hottest rotary flash dryer comes out

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The advent of rotary flash dryer

Jiangsu Yibu drying equipment Co., Ltd., which has established China drying and granulation research and development center, and Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry of the Ministry of chemical industry, on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced equipment and technology, development "By integrating all the contents into a set of workflow, a new type of drying equipment is used to dry paste like, filter cake like, thixotropic, heat sensitive powder and granular materials, namely SXG series rotary flash dryer.

this dryer organically combines swirling flow, fluidization, spouting and crushing bpi542-2 and other technologies, with high drying intensity, low energy consumption, and heat efficiency mostly in the transfer link, with a production rate of more than 70%. It is an energy-saving equipment, and the materials are in the machine The medium residence time is short, the finished product quality is good, the negative pressure or micro negative pressure operation has good airtightness, and eliminates environmental pollution. The speed is the movement speed of the object. The equipment is compact, small in size, continuous production, high efficiency, and realizes the mass production of small equipment, which is deeply favored by users in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries

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