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Sibao technology plans to acquire Huasen plastic for 800million yuan

Sibao Technology (300019) announced the plan for issuing shares and paying cash to purchase capital, which can bear the pressure, to put assets on one side and raise supporting funds and related party transactions on the evening of June 6. The company plans to buy Huatai's high-priced packaging by issuing shares and paying cash, which has no practical significance. 100% equity of Sen plastic. The estimated value of 100% equity of Huasen plastic is 810million yuan, which has been preliminarily determined by both parties through negotiation. Therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost after raw materials, with an easy price of 800million yuan. Of which, 320million yuan was partially paid in shares

according to the data, Huasen plastic's main business is to provide automobile manufacturing companies with waterproof, shock-absorbing, sound insulation and damping materials, which have high production power, fast temperature rise and strong durability. Huasen plastic integrates R & D, production and sales, and its products are widely used in the structure, decoration, protection, ventilation, sealing, sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock absorption and noise reduction of automobiles, trains, ships, aircraft and electrical products

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