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Silentfalcon UAS technologies cooperates with NASA on the UAV traffic management plan

silentfalcon UAS technologies cooperates with NASA on the UAV traffic management plan

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silent Falcon UAS technologies is a small UAV system (UAS) and related components and sensors. Every customer is regarded as our closest friend or family member, It has announced to cooperate with NASA to develop UAS traffic management system (UTM) to safely manage low altitude UAS in national airspace

with the emergence of many new applications of UAS, such as infrastructure inspection, crop monitoring and search and rescue, the need to ensure the safe and effective sharing of airspace is crucial

nas full intelligent wood-based panel universal testing machine a is currently researching and testing prototype technology for its UTM system, and cooperating with a series of government, industry and academic partners. This research and development was carried out in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States

silent Falcon will implement a client that interacts with NASA UTM. Silent Falcon daily maintenance (daily or after each experiment) UAS itself will also become one of the aircraft that provide flight test operations for various customers

we look forward to flight testing our system as part of its plan to help NASA further improve their UTM concept, said Gregory W. walker, chief technology officer of silent fal500 kg con UAS technologies

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