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Why should the silage harvester go up with the wind in 2018

the train runs fast, all by the locomotive! The locomotive is the driving force of the whole train. However, the design speed of domestic high-speed railway can reach 550 kilometers per hour. To achieve such a fast speed, it is not possible to rely on the locomotive belt alone. The high-speed railway uses a multi power combination, that is to say, each carriage has its own power, and the running speed is the same, and no one will lag behind

in the agricultural machinery industry, each product category will have different driving forces at different stages. According to the author's judgment, following the booming market in 2017, the silage harvester industry will enter the "high-speed rail" era of multi power drive from the era of single drive "slow train" in 2018. Please see below

1. The policy driving force of planting structure adjustment

the factors of agricultural development policy should not be ignored. The national planting structure adjustment plan: according to the requirements of breeding with seeds and promoting breeding with seeds, silage corn should be developed according to local conditions, high-quality feed sources should be provided, and value-added value should be transformed on the spot. By 2020, the area of silage corn will reach 25million mu, and the area of Alfalfa will reach 35million mu, with diversified development

the northern region will focus on developing forage grasses such as high-quality alfalfa, silage corn and forage oats, while the southern region will focus on developing ryegrass, clover, Pennisetum, forage rape, forage ramie, forage mulberry leaves, etc

alfalfa, oats and Clover have strong silage harvest demand, while 25million mu of silage corn will directly bring the demand for at least 5000 silage machines. In addition, the adjustment of ternary planting structure will continue, which will bring long-term stable demand for silage harvesters

the market scale of domestic animal husbandry and breeding industry exceeds trillion. At present, the CR10 of cattle and sheep breeding industry is less than 5%. Compared with the 50% market share of the top ten enterprises in Europe and the United States, the future industry space is huge. Under the pressure of environmental protection, policies will accelerate the exit of inefficient free range farmers and the rapid expansion of large-scale enterprises

compared with the development process of European and American countries, domestic animal husbandry is similar to the level of European and American countries in the early 1990s, and will soon enter the stage of large-scale acceleration from the stage of large-scale start-up. In this process, there will be an explosive demand for medium-sized and high-efficiency forage products

after three consecutive years of sharp decline from 2015 to 2017, corn harvester enterprises have lost the illusion of picking ears and returning to the peak of grain machines. Enterprises have begun to diversify their business layout and break through differentiation in products. Considering the feasibility, most enterprises choose corn silage harvesters. Domestic famous enterprises such as yongmeng, Boyuan, Gushen, Zoomlion, juming and Wuzheng are all exceptions. It is expected that these enterprises will work hard on Silage and want profits in 2018

in the face of tens of billions of virgin land in China, foreign silage harvester leaders will certainly not stand still. World famous forage and silage harvester experts such as New Holland, KOLE harvest, John Deere, Dongjin Gomery, and coloni have been secretly arranging the Chinese market for a long time. In the past two years, with the increase of forage planting area and the large-scale development of animal husbandry in the domestic "grain + cash crop + forage" ternary structure, These transnational giants began to speed up their layout in the Chinese market, not only spreading their presence in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other markets, but also accelerating their penetration into the Central Plains, northwest and even Southern small and medium-sized forage equipment markets

New Holland vigorously promotes its fr9040 and fr500/600 series products. The jaguar940 of Claas, the world's most famous harvester expert, is very popular in Inner Mongolia

4. High, medium and low pay more attention to the product driving force of reasonable allocation of short-term interests

a mature and healthy market should have three product camps, high, medium and low, to meet the needs of user groups with different consumption levels

the multinational high-end brand products mentioned above, such as New Holland, John Deere, Klass, Cologne, are between horsepower, and the products are mature but expensive; There are domestic first-line brands in China, such as Meidi, dinggua, Xinjiang Musen, Wuzheng, Runyuan, Zhongji Meinuo, etc. these companies have one or two fist products that are loud in the market, with a power of 100 horsepower -200 Yili, moderate price and grounding gas; There are about 100 small and medium-sized, backpack type domestic second-line brands, and the price is close to the people

the high, middle and low-level product portfolio provides users with rich choice space, and the diversified market is also the healthiest market

for users, the best is not necessarily the most applicable. Only individual users can afford the high price. Domestic second tier and third tier brands better match the current domestic user demand level. During the popularization and promotion period, domestic second-line brands will occupy 80% of the market share. The big data analysis of agricultural machinery connect station shows that among the top ten products with the highest user attention in the first half of 2017, 6 domestic products were shortlisted, and all of them are small and medium-sized silage harvesters with rice cutting width

5. The driving force of rich demand

is different from grain harvest. Whether it is the silage of corn straw or the silage of forage crops such as alfalfa and oats, as long as it is planted, in addition to harvesting hay, as long as silage is needed, it must be used. This signal is the superposition of 1 DC signal and myopic sine periodic signal. From this point of view, silage harvester is a required option, not an option, That is, users either don't plant grass or silage corn, but once they plant, they need to use silage machines. Silage machines are just needed products, which is also the secret of the continuous growth of silage machine sales in the past two years

domestic pasturing areas and cattle and sheep breeding are mainly in the northern region, and the main sales area of silage harvesters is also in the northern region. This can also be confirmed from the big data analysis of agricultural machinery connect station in 2016. From the user visits, it can be seen that the main users of Silage harvesters are Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Shanxi, followed by Henan, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang

the southern region is the region with the lowest user attention, but according to the news obtained by the author from the recent industry summit, because Chinese people have a special preference for pasteurized milk, the domestic animal husbandry industry is expanding from the north to the north and blooming everywhere

in almost all provinces in the south, the agricultural and animal husbandry management departments are promoting the development of local animal husbandry, which is different from the large-scale breeding in the north. The south is small and medium-sized, and cows and beef cattle are generally less than 1000 cattle. Accordingly, there is a demand for full-range mechanized products of small and medium-sized pasture

specific to the silage harvester is 1 According to the salesman of a knapsack silage harvester in Shandong, the company sold 500 sets in Guizhou this year, and 1200 sets in the whole southwest subway. Many small and medium-sized silage enterprises have moved to the structural situation of the southern market: four columns and two screws

better wear resistance and fatigue resistance 6. Driving force of subsidy policy

Agricultural machinery products without subsidy policy support or without entering the subsidy catalogue not only have a worrying future, but also are difficult to move in China. In the past few years, silage harvesters have been the focus of subsidies in China. In the 2017 national subsidy catalogue, subsidies were given to silage harvesters with a cutting width of more than 1.5 meters, ranging from 3510 yuan to 108000 yuan. This is a national subsidy policy. The specific implementation of this policy varies widely among provinces. For example, Guangxi only subsidized 68000 yuan for silage harvesters with a cutting width of 2.9 meters, while Shanghai subsidized 198000 yuan, Shanxi subsidized 29600 yuan for silage harvesters with a cutting width of 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters, and Inner Mongolia subsidized 75000 yuan, The gap is very large, which may create a living space for the silage harvester to flow in different places

in a negative way, silage harvesters will still receive special attention from the agricultural machinery subsidy policy in 2018. According to the newly released "scope of national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy machines and tools in" (publicity draft), green feed harvesters are still among the subsidies. It is expected that within three years, silage harvesters will still be the key products supported by national and provincial subsidies. Some provinces and regions will accumulate subsidies, and the southern provinces are expected to increase promotion and subsidies

with the superposition of the above six factors, the silage harvester will go up smoothly in 2018, and the sales volume will continue to expand

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