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Mute 250A power generation welding machine

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silent 250A power generation welding machine model: to250a-j otazawa power generation welding machine group, which has weak power in Japan, greatly facilitates on-site utilization, advanced AVR module, unique power generation fragmentary, light weight, small size, easy to move, suitable for municipal engineering rush repair, and field task emergency, which can be welded, and then can be inserted into the main body and the bottom of the dynamometer (between the foundation) with thin small iron blocks respectively It can also generate electricity. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, with a service life of 20 years. During welding, the right and wrong of the arc of the power generation electric welding machine will be changed: when the arc length of the power generation electric welding machine is long, the arc voltage should be higher; When the arc length of the power generation welding machine is short, the arc voltage should be lower. Our danizawa power gasoline electric welding machine and diesel electric welding machine ensure the stability of the arc by adapting to the changes that the arc length is suitable for the use in metal, plastic, rubber, textiles, synthetic chemicals, wires and cables, leather and other industries. Daniazawa power's power generation welding machine also has the schedulability of welding current, so as to ensure the welding quality

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Product Model: to250a-j

layout type: silent belt four wheels

current scheduling range: a

diameter of welding rod used: 2 0 mm

no load voltage: 65V

task voltage: VMM

frequency: 50Hz

additional voltage: 220V

frequency: 50Hz

auxiliary power: 5kW

maximum power: 6kW

number of phases: single phase

starting style: electric starting

gross weight 149kg

engine type: horizontal bar in-line four stroke air-cooled diesel engine

insulation grade: F

cylinder diameter: 90*75


displacement: 0.418cc

engine oil solvent: 1.65l

fuel consumption: 205g/kw H

Oil 1 lead screw box volume: 20

task time: 12h

power status: cos Φ= 1

cooling style: forced air cooling

fuel model: 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (summer)

wheel: equipped with

size mm:850*520*700

noise level: 65 dB

brand: daze power

engine model: dz192fae

oil pressure lamp: Yes

oil lamp: Yes

voltmeter: Yes

remote control function: optional

main power switching: optional

Product name: power generation and welding machine

attached: declaration, warranty card, certificate of conformity, Device stuff

source: danieze

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