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Sike: continuous innovation makes products better

nowadays, the innovation ability is the most important consideration to see whether an enterprise has core competitiveness. Innovation includes product innovation, process innovation, market innovation, management innovation, etc. The optimization and upgrading of new products after several quarters of "extraordinary period" is precisely the diligent pursuit of product innovation by enterprises, which promotes the continuous development of the automation market

Guangzhou sick sensor Co., Ltd. adheres to the concepts of independence, leadership and innovation, especially the effective stroke of electronic tension machine and sample fixture, and takes customer demand as the development goal to bring more and more comprehensive automation application solutions to customers. In 2012, Sike increased capital and talent investment in research and development and launched a number of new products, which were widely praised and affirmed by users. How did Sike plan for product innovation in 2013? At the 2013 Guangzhou Industrial Automation Exhibition (SIAF 2013), I interviewed Mr. Rong Hai, product manager of Guangzhou Sike sensor Co., Ltd

Mr. Ronghai, product manager of Guangzhou Sike sensor Co., Ltd.

according to Mr. Ronghai, Sike has launched a number of new products at the beginning of the 2013 new year. At the booth of Sike company, Mr. Ronghai introduced many new products, including the new generation of four level security light curtain detec4 basic model, the new ethernet/ip, PROFINET, afs60/afm60 series single turn/multi turn absolute value encoder with EtherCAT interface, the new generation of fixed one-dimensional bar code reader clv61x series, etc

Mr. Ronghai introduced the new protocols of Sike in terms of traditional encoder and servo encoder

in terms of traditional encoders, sick has launched three most popular Ethernet protocol interfaces: PROFINET, EtherCAT and ethernet/ip based on the classic absolute value encoder afs60/afm60 series. The Ethernet protocol interface encoder optimizes the maximum and minimum range of system parameters such as position, speed, temperature, working time, etc., and maximizes the system availability. Five dual color LED status indicators are configured to realize intuitive and visual safety monitoring. Therefore, these two products have more and more powerful diagnostic functions and better performance

at the same time, in terms of servo encoder, sick launched a revolutionary all digital high-speed communication protocol hiperface DSL, which reduces the connecting cable between servo feedback and driver to only two core cables, and these two cores can be integrated into the power cable of servo motor, while ensuring absolute safety and reliability. Hiperface DSL protocol conforms to the current RS485 standard, with a transmission rate of 9.375 MBD. The data transmission is synchronized with the driving cycle, with a minimum of 11.95 s. The cable between the drive electronics and the feedback system can be up to 100 meters long. All these advantages mean: less cable cost; Smaller space requirements; Excellent system performance

Mr. Ronghai told that the above protocol interfaces and communication protocols added for the two types of products are to optimize and upgrade product performance, which is more convenient and easy for users to use, while reducing costs

during the interview, we saw an endless stream of visitors to Sike's simple and magnificent booth, including new customers who watch products, consult technology and product prices, as well as old users who gather at the booth

201 but it is the first time to realize glass like transparency with thin film for three years. Sike China will continue to work hard in the industry, and is committed to providing customers with the most perfect and comprehensive industrial application solutions, going deep into the customer site, and bringing customers the latest sensor technology and applications. Listen to customers' needs and provide solutions that are most suitable for customers' on-site environment. At the same time, Sike will continue to adhere to the company philosophy of independence, leadership and innovation, and strive to maximize customer revenue based on customer needs. Mr. Ronghai confidently described the correctness of his data

Founded in 1994, Sike China is one of the important branches of Sike in Asia. After years of development and accumulation, it has become a local influential supplier of intelligent sensor solutions. Its products are widely used in all walks of life, including packaging, food and beverage, machine tools, automobiles, logistics, transportation, airports, steel, electronics, textiles and other industries. At present, it has set up branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Hong Kong and other places, and has formed an institutional system and business network that radiates all major regions of the country

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