Beijiafu adopts hardened Ethernet switch

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Beijiafu adopts hardened Ethernet switches

in order to meet the requirements of industrial applications in explosive environments, beijiafu company (German manufacturer of industrial automation sensors and electronic components) decided to adopt hardened Ethernet switches, which were developed by Amphenol and comply with the regulations of ATEX zone II

specific industrial applications involve monitoring and control of industrial production processes, data acquisition in harsh environments, and sometimes work areas that may have explosive environments. In such applications, the slightest spark can cause disastrous consequences. Therefore, special equipment must be used, which should be able to adapt to the hazards of the work area

these explosive environment areas are strictly regulated in the European Directive (i.e. ATEX "explosive environment" regulation), which defines three main areas. Therefore, the electronic equipment with ATEX zone II classification is suitable for temporary and/or slightly explosive working environment, while the equipment marked with ATEX zone I can be used in the explosive environment that can often reduce the demand for energy by 20 (2) 5% in the United States. ATEX zone 0 equipment is the only type that can be used in long-term explosive environments

in order to transmit signals outside the dangerous area to a completely safe data processing area, Amphenol has developed a hardened five port Ethernet switch, namely RJ switch. As a German manufacturer of industrial automation sensors and electronic components, beijiafu intends to seize this business opportunity. Therefore, the company is trying to enrich its product line with high-quality products. Through logical comparison, the company chose Amphenol's RJ switch. At present, according to the terms of the agreement signed with American manufacturers, this switch is selling well

"in our opinion, in addition to the ATEX second zone classification of RJ switch, another advantage of this switch is the very fine production process, especially the unique technical performance, which makes it an unparalleled product in the market," said Andreas grimsehl, product marketing manager of beijiafu company

since RJ switch has five ports, its Ethernet connection range can reach 200 meters, and it can distribute information to other components in the Ethernet system

The five ports of the RJ switch are further enhanced by rjfieldtm Technology (Amphenol patent). In addition, the mechanical spring enhances the connection safety of the switch. For the operator, disconnecting a port also involves other operations. Even if this operation is simple and does not require any specific tools, it can still limit the load geometry with the risk of untimely open circuit under neutral conditions

moreover, this switch is applicable to the maximum output of equipment operation, such as 10 or 100 megabytes/second. The intelligence of the switch can also be seen from its jumper function of automatically identifying the type of connecting cable. Finally, RJ switch is compatible with P68 sealing class and can be used at room temperature from -40 ° C to +75 ° C. Therefore, it may be widely used even in harsh environments

amphenol RJ switch Jpg Photo Title: Amphenol RJ hardened Ethernet switch combines the compatibility of ATEX zone 2 with first-class performance

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