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Large silicon chips and brain like chips appeared at the fair, and integrated circuits and artificial intelligence were deeply integrated.

"scientific innovation Zhangjiang" exhibition area showed more than 100 advanced achievements of more than 70 enterprises. Four press conferences with the theme of "scientific and Technological Innovation & vitality Zhangjiang" will be held today and tomorrow

integrated circuits and artificial intelligence are high-tech industries that Shanghai strives to develop. Jiefang Shangguan saw a number of scientific and technological achievements of these two industries at the 7th China (Shanghai) international technology import and Export Fair, which opened today. With the support of government departments, Shanghai enterprises attach importance to R & D and independent innovation, and promote technologies and products on the platform of Shanghai fair to seek a larger market

"science and technology innovation Zhangjiang" exhibition area displays more than 100 advanced achievements of more than 70 enterprises. Today and tomorrow, four press conferences with the theme of "scientific and technological innovation - Revitalizing Zhangjiang" will be held to display new technologies, new products, new models and new business forms of Zhangjiang High tech Zone, so as to make full use of Southeast Asia rubber, sugar Coconut and other original but have begun to steadily promote the mature mass production of material resources and entrepreneurial service institutions with great influence at home and abroad

Shanghai New Micro Technology Group, jointly established by Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai United Investment Co., Ltd., is a leader among Zhangjiang's participating enterprises. The 12 inch silicon wafer independently developed by Xinsheng semiconductor, a subsidiary of the group, has broken the foreign monopoly and become the only 12 inch silicon wafer manufacturer in China that has been put into mass production with advanced technology. According to reports, this kind of silicon chip is the mainstream chip raw material in the world. Domestic integrated circuit enterprises once relied on imports for 100%, and faced greater risks of raw material price increases and stock outs. Now, Xinsheng semiconductor has broken through a series of key core technologies to make up for the missing link in China's integrated circuit industry chain

with the rise of artificial intelligence industry, brain like chips and intelligent systems on chip have become a frontier field of international concern. The deepwell chip displayed by Xijing technology at the Shanghai Fair was independently developed by this Shanghai private enterprise. Using brain like bionics technology and deep learning algorithm, they realized "on-chip training" and "on-chip recognition" on the chip. That is to say, when the chip is not connected, after receiving small sample training, it can more serve all kinds of civil needs, achieve high pattern, number recognition, and real-time graphic dynamic switching rate in the test, and can accept incremental sample training at any time to meet the personalized needs of users

Zhang Rong, chief operating officer of Xijing technology, introduced that the smart port solution using this AI chip has been used in more than 20 terminals at home and abroad. This system realizes the millisecond recognition of container number, status and other data, which is far faster than the recognition speed of dock workers' naked eyes; The accuracy rate is also higher than that of people, close to 100%

the model of the full-time driverless new energy electric heavy truck q-truck was also unveiled at the Xijing technology booth. This heavy truck is in the stage of mass production and development, and it is expected to achieve mass production in the second half of this year. In terms of appearance, q-truck embodies the avant-garde cab free vehicle design concept. The front of the vehicle is from the modular design inspired by Lego building blocks, and the LED high brightness lights adopt the flying wing integrated design

as a pure electric heavy truck, q-truck can reach a speed of 150 kilometers per hour with a full load of 80 tons. The auxiliary battery can be changed in 3 minutes through a simple power change process, reaching a mileage of more than 30 kilometers. Using visual artificial intelligence technology, it can be driverless at the dock without magnetic nails and other auxiliary equipment, and is expected to become an important type of equipment for smart ports

Editor in chief of the column: Huang Haihua text: Yu Taoran caption source: Oriental IC picture: Yong Kai

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