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The price of silicon steel sheet soared, and the profits of transformer enterprises were meager. Editor's note: with the continuous heating up of power construction, the demand for transformers increased. Transformer manufacturing enterprises, which should have tasted the benefits, did not enjoy the hardships. On the contrary, with the "soaring" price of silicon steel sheets for transformers, corporate profits showed an obvious downward trend

on September 25, at the Symposium on understanding the steel demand of the machinery industry held by the China Iron and Steel Association held by the price research center of the machinery industry, an unnamed industry expert pointed directly at the steel production enterprises: "Wuhan Iron and steel took advantage of the rise in the price of iron ore, the price of silicon steel sheet increased month by month, and the profits of transformer enterprises were squeezed by power companies such as State Grid and troubled by the rise in the price of raw materials."

as the main raw material of transformers, cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets have been in short supply in the domestic market. Worldwide, steel companies that can produce oriented silicon steel sheets include viz stal and no volipetsk of Russia, Krupp steel of Germany, Nippon Steel and JFE of Japan, and AK Huaining Zhong of the United States. He introduced a few large steel production enterprises such as steel company and WISCO

"it is roughly estimated that the demand for oriented silicon steel sheets of transformer enterprises in China is 600000 ~ 700000 tons a year, while the annual production of WISCO is far from meeting this demand, and the market gap is huge. 300000 tons of oriented silicon steel sheets are imported from Japan and other countries every year." Insiders told that at present, the cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets for transformers developed by Baosteel are still in the pilot production stage. In fact, only WISCO produces cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets for transformers

the above experts analyzed: "WISCO took the lead in raising prices, causing silicon steel sheet suppliers imported from Japan and other countries to follow suit, and foreign manufacturers follow WISCO, so it is difficult to lower prices for a while."

"in order to alleviate the impact of the continuous rise of silicon steel sheets on transformer enterprises, at the request of transformer manufacturers, the transformer branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association submitted a report in April this year, reflecting that the price of silicon steel sheets is too high." The source told

it is revealed that the contents of the report are as follows: since this year, WISCO has continued to significantly increase the price of oriented silicon steel sheets. Considering that transformer products are capital intensive products and have a long delivery period, according to the latest WISCO silicon price accounting, the most terrible thing is the weakness of the consumer market and the bleak prospect of steel sheets, only the material cost of transformer enterprises is close to the contract price, It is the situation that sliding friction leads to the difficulty of contract execution in most enterprises. More seriously, as WISCO continues to raise prices by a large margin, foreign suppliers are bound to follow suit. In order to avoid losses, enterprises are bound to raise the price of transformer products, resulting in the rise of power construction costs, which is not conducive to power development

"the national development and Reform Commission has asked about this, but now the price of silicon steel sheet is still running at a super high level." Experts told that according to the law of market economy, the supply of products exceeds the demand, and the price rise is understandable, but there should be a degree of price rise. And this is only from the perspective of an enterprise, but it is detrimental to national interests

the characteristic of transformer enterprises is that the delivery cycle is relatively long, usually 3-6 months, even more than 1 year. The price of products in the contract is calculated based on the price of raw materials at that time. "Most manufacturers did not expect that the price of raw materials would rise so rapidly"

experts said, "only after Baosteel's production capacity of 300000 tons reaches the production capacity, the market price may be reduced. It is suggested that the relevant state departments should come forward to stop this profiteering and safeguard national interests."

Su Dongping, head of the Market Research Department of the machinery industry price research center, said that the price center will pay close attention to the impact of steel and other products on the price of mechanical and electrical products, strengthen the research on the price index of mechanical and electrical products, and give the market an indicator of the price dynamics of domestic machinery products, It provides a reference for the government decision-making departments and the State Post Bureau to encourage the competent departments of the enterprise recycling express packaging industry to monitor the operation situation of the market as a whole and in all directions

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