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On April 22, 2010, on the eve of the World Expo, Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd. in order to thank the support and love of relevant industry people in Shanghai, with the strong support of the professional committee of building curtain wall of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, Sheng this structure ensures that the rack has enough rigidity. People from relevant industries in Shanghai are invited to attend the "Silicon treasure technology listing appreciation reception (Shanghai Station) and 2010 silicon treasure Technology Innovation Forum" at Shanghai leopard hotel

at the meeting, silicon will play an important role in promoting the technical level and core competitiveness of the thermoplastic elastomer material and product industry in Anhui Province. Wang Yuelin, chairman of Baoji technology, first made a report on the innovation and development of Baoji technology for everyone, and then leaders from all walks of life in Shanghai, experts and senior executives of Baoji technology had an exchange to jointly look forward to the development prospects of the industry, We unanimously recognize the great differences in the development scope and process level of Sibao technology in the industry and its great contributions to the construction of Olympic venues and WorldExpo venues, and we are full of confidence in the future development of Sibao technology. Mr. Wang Yuelin, chairman of the company, Mr. Li buchun, vice president of the company, Ms. Guobin, Secretary of the company, Mr. zhouwenliang, marketing director and other company leaders led the company's relevant employees to attend and took a cordial group photo with the guests

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