Strong demand for the hottest EPS foamed plastics

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The strong demand for EPS foamed plastics drives the rapid development of production enterprises

China's thermal insulation material market started late, especially the market development of organic thermal insulation materials lags behind. In the past decade, the state has actively advocated the development of energy-saving buildings and reduced energy consumption, making the external insulation technology of expanded polystyrene board thin plastering external walls widely used. The demand for molded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation (hereinafter referred to as EPS) is increasing, driving the rapid development of EPS production enterprises

polystyrene foamed plastic is made of polystyrene resin as the main body and adding foaming agent and other additives. It is a kind of buffer material used most at present. The production of polystyrene foams in China is mainly concentrated in Northeast China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises

in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012, five national supervision and spot checks of molded polystyrene foams for thermal insulation were carried out, and the product qualification rates were 95.1%, 96.3%, 97.5%, 97.5% and 97.8% respectively. The quality of products has increased steadily, but there are still some problems. The main problems focus on apparent density, oxygen index, combustion classification, etc. This spot check found that a batch of products of Wuhan Hongshan Xingda thermal insulation material factory had low operation efficiency, but the apparent density project was unqualified

Different models of universal testing machines measure differently

the popularity will also be further expanded

when the density of polystyrene foam plastic board is insufficient, if it is used for external insulation of building exterior walls, its tensile strength will be low, which can not meet the bearing requirements of self weight and finishing load of the insulation system on its shear strength, and it is easy to pull the middle of EPS board; At the same time, the insufficient density of EPS board will also reduce the thermal insulation performance and increase the moisture absorption, which will affect the thermal insulation effect of the building. Polystyrene foam board will not play the role of building energy conservation and thermal insulation

at present, there are about 2000 EPS production enterprises in China, and the production momentum of polystyrene foam is good, and the quality is constantly improving. But the maximum experimental force of large scale: 600kN; The number of enterprises is small. It is reported that the apparent density refers to the mass of foam per unit volume under the specified temperature and relative humidity conditions. Apparent density affects other physical performance indexes to a certain extent, and directly reflects the cost of products

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