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Urbanization themed strong construction and glass stocks soared

on February 15, according to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong stocks fell slightly in the afternoon opening, with the Hang Seng index falling 24 points to 23388 and the national index rising 10 points to 11831. The transaction in the market was quiet, with the latest transaction of only 25.3 billion yuan

the theme of urbanization concept is relatively long-lasting. Cement and construction related stocks were generally built today, and CSCEC (03311) rose 0.6%, setting a new high for listing. Xinyi broken glass (00868) rose 3.1%, a 52 week high. China glass (03300) rose 3.3%. Anhui Conch (00914), the leader of cement stocks, rose 2.1% to 31.1 yuan. The technical specification for polyurethane rigid foam waterproof and insulation engineering jcj14 ⑴ 999 was as high as 31.3 yuan, looking up at a 52 week high of 31.7 yuan. China building materials (03323) rose 0.65%

domestic housing stocks are also the main beneficiary of urbanization. China Overseas (00688) stabilized yesterday and is now up 1.3%. China Resources Land (01109) rose 2%

construction machinery stocks were also generally stable, with China Longgong (03339) up more than 6% and Zoomlion (01157) up slightly. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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